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Main window

This topic contains description of main window UI elements except list of clips which has separate topic.


Program toolbar provides quick access to specific commands.

You can customize toolbar i.e. select which commands to show. To do this, right click on toolbar or press Menu key when toolbar has keyboard focus.

To show or hide toolbar use menu Tools Toolbar.

Commands that relate to the clips in the list, e.g. removal, move, start/stop commands, are performed on selected clips. These commands are disabled if there are no selection or command has no sense at this moment (e.g. you cannot move top the clip that is already top most).

Though there is one removal command that works for all clips instead of only selected. This is Remove Completed command. It removes finished clips from the list i.e. clips that have Finished state. Note, clip gets this state only if it was finished successfully. In case of error it gets Stopped state therefore will not be removed by this command.

Properties pane

This pane displays detailed info and provides extended control on the clip that has keyboard focus. Usually this is selected item though there can be multiple selected items but only one of them will have keyboard focus.

To show or hide properties pane use menu Tools Properties Pane.

Properties pane consists of three tabs: Description, Quality and Log. Position of the tabs can be changed by right click on them or using Menu key when tab has keyboard focus.


This tab contains textual clip info in the left part and thumbnail in the right.

Textual clip info consists of the clip title and blank line followed by the clip description. Text becomes selectable when clicked, so you can scroll or copy parts of it.

There is a splitter between textual clip info and thumbnail. It becomes visible when mouse pointer is over it.

Splitter can be used to adjust the respective sizes of these elements. Move splitter to the left window side to completely hide the text. To completely hide thumbnail go to program options and uncheck Show thumbnails check box.

Clip duration is displayed at right bottom corner of the thumbnail. Thumbnail can be saved on the disk - right click on it and select Save as...

If thumbnail is hidden, it will be not loaded at all (that also will speed up the analysis a little bit).


All quality settings that were chosen at clip add are placed here. So they can be reviewed and tuned at any time while the clip is not in progress.

In addition to the settings for automatic quality selection this tab also contains the way to select quality manually. You can read more about this in topic Manual quality selection.


This tab and menu Tools Log are different. Log from menu is global for whole program. It does not necessary concern to clip in the list at all. Log in this tab is specific to selected clip. Also unlike global log it is saved and restored at next program run.

Status bar

Status bar is located at the bottom of the window.

It displays count of selected, active, remaining, finished clips and total count of the clips in the list. During download it also displays overall speed of all downloads in progress.

To show or hide status bar use menu Tools Status Bar.

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