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Manual quality selection

Properties pane of main window has Quality tab. In addition to the settings for automatic quality selection this tab also contains the way to select quality manually.

In order to do this click Analyze button to retrieve available qualities for the clip. Alternatively can be used menu item of the same name from the clip list context menu.

Selected streams combination is stored between program runs and the clip is always re-analyzed before download.

If selected combination of the streams will be not found after analysis, download will be stopped with the error "part of manual selection was not found". Under this tab in such case will be restored streams and original selection that were available before current analysis.

Qualities combo box

Each media file is represented by one item in qualities combo box. The list consists of:

To unselect something or select several targets at once click on them while holding the Ctrl key. By that you can also select to download subtitles alone.

If video contains external subtitles, qualities combo box will also contain all available subtitles. Like with media qualities it is possible to select any set of subtitles to download. Or even download only subtitles without media files (read more about Subtitles support).

Tooltip with detailed quality info is displayed when hovering magnifier icon to the right of an item. Field Check there states how many bytes of the media file were pre-downloaded in order to extract the information about media quality (see Limit of the part size option).

Details tooltip

At bottom of the list is placed info tip with full statistics of the analysis. Statistics consists of:

Full statistics tip

Help Usage Manual quality selection