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  1. Getting info about clip
    1. Use info from the clip page
    2. and retrieve the clip file size
    3. and analyze part of the clip
    4. Limit of the part size
  2. Process unknown URLs

Page analysis

Getting info about clip

To make proper choice of which media files to download, program needs quality details of available media files for the clip. More details it has - more precise choice it will make.

On the other hand more details it tries to retrieve - more time it will spend for analysis (and more data it will download and this stage, sometimes this is also important).

So this options group controls how precise analysis will be.

Use info from the clip page

At analysis will be used only the information directly available on the clip page, no video file analysis will be performed. This significantly speeds up the analysis meanwhile decreasing the accuracy of comparison of available videos.

As far as Youtube is concerned, video/audio quality info can be found out from the clip page (but the information obtained in such a way sometimes may little differ from the actual data).

Several other supported sites also provide more or less complete information about quality of available media files. Some sites have almost no details, except maybe duration.

and retrieve the clip file size

In addition to details retrieved from the clip page program will retrieve size of each available media file. It will use HTTP HEAD method so it is quite fast, no file data will be downloaded.

With this info it is possible to calculate files bitrate (since approximate duration is almost always known from the clip page) and make some assumptions about relative quality of media files.

and analyze part of the clip

In addition to the above methods fetch file data for each media file until get all quality details or limit of the part size will be reached.

Limit of the part size

Maximum amount of data to download at the media file analysis (per file, in kilobytes).

Here is some hints which could help you to chose the optimal limit value:

Amount of data that was downloaded at analysis can be viewed in details tooltip of qualities combo box.

Process unknown URLs

This option controls how to process URLs from unsupported sites.

When unchecked, program will resolve actual URL (if there are any redirects). If it points to supported site then will be performed standard analysis. Otherwise there will be shown an error stating that URL comes from unsupported site.

Now about what would be done when it is checked. After resolving actual URL next step depends on this URL:

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