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  1. Clips list columns
  2. State of the clip

List of clips

List of the clips in main window displays current state about all downloads added to the program.

Clips in the list are processed one by one starting from top most clip. Thus if you want some clip to start earlier, you need to move it up in the list using Move Up or Move Top actions. Note, there are no 'resume' ability for currently downloading clip. So if you move some clip upper than the clip which is currently downloaded, this will mean that upper clip will be next after current download finish.

Clips list columns

Clips list contains various info about all clips added to download. To show or hide column from the list right click on columns header and select appropriate column.

FileOutput file name (clip title is taken) with file extension. If target is original format, extension will be unknown until download start. If clip title is also unknown yet, clip URL will be displayed instead it
StateCurrent state of the clip. Read more: State of the clip
SpeedProcessing speed (data amount per second). At downloading it is download speed. At converting it is processing speed i.e. how much data of original file(s) is converted per second
DonePercentage of the task completion. Note, converting is separated task. So at end of download there will be 100% and when converting will start, percentage will start again from 0%
ProcessedHow much data was already downloaded or converted
RemainingHow much data left to download or convert
SizeSize of the file to download or convert. If processing two adaptive streams this is total size of two files
ETAHow much time is left till the end of the current task (Estimated Time of Arrival)
ElapsedHow much time has passed since start of current task
Added onThe date and time when the clip was added
Completed onThe date and time when the clip was successfully finished
SourceWhat quality to use (e.g. 'Best Video'). When exact source quality is known, i.e. after download start, it is also displayed there (e.g. 'Best Video (MP4 1080p 1920x1080)')
TargetDestination format. In case of converting it is format to convert. Otherwise, i.e. if original quality was selected to download, there is displayed 'Original Format' string
URLCanonical URL of the clip page
TitleOriginal clip title on the site
UploadedDate when the clip was uploaded to the site
DurationDuration of the clip, HH:MM:SS
UploaderThe title of the channel to which belongs the video. In most cases this is 'display name' of the user but not always: for example on Youtube channels may not be associated with user (e.g. BBC News channel). Also this is a display name, it does not have to be unique unlike user names on Youtube
ViewsNumber of views of the clip
Likes, DislikesNumber of likes/dislikes of the clip
RatingThe average rating given to the clip by the users, from 1 to 5, where 5 is the best
Rating RatioRatio of likes to dislikes filtered to prevent unfair values. Filter is quite simple but could be more effective than plain ratio: IF (dislikes > 10 OR likes > 100) ratio = MIN(likes/dislikes, 999)

State of the clip

Column State displays processing state of the clip. Possible states and their relationship are listed below.

Stopped » Waiting » Page analysis » Downloading the clip » [optional] (Muxing streams | Extracting audio track | Converting the clip) » Finished

All states between Page analysis and Finished cannot be interrupted. I.e. if close program, at next run it will start from beginning instead of continue task from these states. But they can be paused (while program is running).

Clips are processed one by one starting from the top of the list. If program is ready to start next task, it will look for the first clip with Waiting state.

If error occurred during the processing of the clip, its state sets to Stopped. Column State in this case will contain error description. When hovered it will display tooltip with more details about error. Alternatively Log tab of Properties pane can be used to obtain details about task run.

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