Help Options

  1. net.add_cookie
  2. net.ua_string
  3. net.yt_api_key
  4. dl.conn_speed_limit
  5. dl.leave_tmp_media
  6. ui.unfiltered_fmt_tip
  7. ui.hide_autotr_subs_menu
  8. mux.embed_description
  9. mux.copy_metadata
  10. transcode.threads


This section contains options used either for debugging, or covering very specific use cases, or controlling proof-of-concept features.

Add HTTP cookies specified there in every HTTP request made by the program.


Override HTTP User-Agent string used by the program when performing HTTP requests.


Custom Youtube API key to use when performing search or retrieving content of playlists and channels.

To obtain API key, follow instructions in this topic (steps 1-3). In step 2 (obtaining authorization credentials) follow instructions for API key creation. When selecting API key type, select Browser key type.


Connection speed limitation in bytes per second. This limit applies to single connection. So overall speed used by the program depends on connections count.


Leave temporary media files downloaded during the program execution. Files are placed in directory controlled by Temporary directory option.


When this option is enabled, tool tip in formats combo box has more technical info.


Do not show Subtitles (Auto-translated) submenu in formats combo box.


Embed description from the site to downloaded video file.


Keep metadata from original files at remuxing or transcoding. This option accepts list of metadata fields separated by semicolon. Youtube uses metadata in some qualities (e.g. in MP4) to store technical info (for example creation_time - last time when this particular quality was transcoded), so this option is not something that is supposed to be useful in general case.


Option to limit CPU usage at transcoding. Minimum CPU usage would be with value "1". Use greater values to increase CPU usage. When it is set to "0" (this is by default), it picks suitable number depending on encoder (usually this means it uses as much CPU as possible).

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