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  1. Parts limit per file
  2. Minimum part size
  3. Pre-allocate files
  4. Temporary directory

Downloading the clip

Parts limit per file

Some Youtube qualities have bandwidth limit on the server side. This means that no matter how fast is your Internet connection, you will have low download rate. Limit is usually set to something about 1.5x-2x of the file bitrate, so it is enough to watch the clip but not good at all for downloading.

This option allows to split file to several segments which are downloaded simultaneously. So in cases like above overall download speed will be significantly increased. There are also other possible benefits, read more on Wikipedia: Download acceleration.

Option controls maximum number of segments to which file will be divided. Setting this number to 1 will disable download acceleration and force data to be downloaded sequentially. Note, program could still download a file without division into parts if server does not support this.

Minimum part size

Program splits most biggest of not yet downloaded file segments into two equal parts until parts limit per file is not reached. When segment download finishes, program again picks up most biggest segment from currently being downloaded and splits it again.

It continues to do that until size of part after split becomes smaller than minimum allowed part size. This option controls that size.

Pre-allocate files

Reserve disk space for the files at the start of downloading. So it will be guaranteed that you will not run out of free disk space when downloading is almost finished.

When option is enabled, the program uses memory-mapped files instead of sparse files. Additional advantages: less disk usage, less files fragmentation. Disadvantage: more memory usage, downloading speed may be ~15% slower.

Temporary directory

Directory where to place temporary media files at downloading. Variants:

TEMPUse Windows TEMP directory
Output file directoryUse the same directory where the resulting file will be placed. For example if you downloading a file to D:\Downloads\video.mp4 then temporary directory will be D:\Downloads
Program directoryUse the same directory where the program is placed. Could be useful when using portable mode
CustomCustom temporary directoryClick Browse to select specific directory by yourself. For example on non-system disk partition if system partition (where Windows TEMP is placed) has not much space. Previously selected directory will be listed below the Browse item. To select a different directory, click on the Browse item again

Help Options Downloading the clip