Help Usage

Adding new clips

Program provides several ways to add new clips, all are available using File menu. They are described below.

Add URLAdd single clip URL
Add Multiple URLsAdd a list of URLs as text. Each URL should be on separate line
Add FeedRetrieve site feed so clips can be added from it
Search on YoutubeSearch on Youtube within the program so clips can be added from search results

If check box Get the clip name before adding is checked then program will retrieve title of the clip before add it to the queue. If it is unchecked then in File column of main clips list will be displayed clip URL instead of title until download will be started.

Destination and quality

All variants described above have this set of options. Using it can be selected desired quality and destination directory where to place resulting files.

Here can be selected source media quality (from which to convert) and destination format (to which to convert). Options are arranged to three groups:

FileType of file which you want as result, video file or audio file
QualityThe quality of source file from which need to convert to destination format. Having list of available media files program will select the media with quality nearest to the one selected here
FormatDestination format to which will be transcoded source media file. If Original Format is selected then no transcoding will be performed, file will retain original quality. If program choose two adaptive streams to download, it will mux them together. This operation also does not change original quality

These options are part of preset. About presets read here.

Options of transcoding to selected format can be changed using menu Tools Converting Settings. These options are global i.e. not preset-wide.

If check box Start download is checked then program will set clip state to Waiting after add. If unchecked then the clip will be added with Stopped state.

Help Usage Adding new clips