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  1. Installer command line parameters
  2. Program command line parameters
  3. Portable mode
  4. Linux support
  5. Windows XP support


Installer command line parameters

NSIS is used for installer creation so all its command line parameters are available (like silent install or specifying output directory). For list of possible parameters read NSIS documentation: section Installer Usage.

Additionally are available next parameters:

Program command line parameters

--autostartStart minimized (or closed to System Tray depending on the program settings) and delay the start of downloading for 10 seconds. This option also used at starting program on the system startup
--no-langsIgnore translation libraries

Portable mode

Program can be used in portable and non-portable mode. The difference is where the program stores its settings and intermediate data (like search results, feeds content etc). In non-portable mode the settings are stored in registry, data is stored in application data folders of current user. In portable mode all this is stored in the program directory.

32-bit and 64-bit versions can be placed in the same directory, intermediate data and program settings in this case will remain be separate.

Linux support

Program is being made keeping Wine in mind, so everything should work ok under it.

Better to set Windows version for the program to Windows XP otherwise some UI parts may be displayed incorrectly.

If you see the error containing SSL connect error (35), go to menu Tools Options Advanced and in net.libcurl select the one containing OpenSSL.

Actually that is most likely because libgnutls package, that is needed by Wine to provide schannel functionality, is not installed. This library is an optional dependency for Wine (or at least that is so on some distributions) so it could be not installed automatically. Installation of that package should resolve the problem. Package name differs across Linux distributions and Wine versions so no exact name here.

Windows XP support

Minimum supported Windows version for 32-bit program version is Windows XP SP2. Non-SSE-capable CPUs are also supported. In case of 64-bit program version, minimum supported Windows version is Vista.

Note, as of February 2017 it looks like Youtube switched to more secured HTTPS version that is not supported by Windows XP native SSL backend. If you are getting an error containing SSL connect error (35), go to Tools Options Network libcurl and select the one containing OpenSSL.

So if something does not work, you could notify about it since this is not always noticeable from development point of view.

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