03 Oct 2016

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Screen readers

Program UI is adapted to use with screen readers. Testing is performed with NVDA, Jaws and Window-Eyes.

Adaptation means that any functionality is accessible from keyboard and every custom control has analogue using one or more standard Windows controls.

Adaptation is not permanent. Basically program has two variants of UI elements when this does matter. Then it detects whether screen reader is currently running and uses appropriate UI elements. Auto detection can be turned off using option ui.no_screen_reader_autodetect from Advanced options group. To permanently enable or disable UI adaptation in this case can be used an option ui.screen_reader_optimize.

Combo boxes are used not only for simple lists but also for complex settings. For example search configuration in Search on Youtube window uses combo box to summarize its settings. When this combo box is pressed, appears popup menu with several submenus related to different search filters. Screen readers that are reporting how many items are in combo box, will report only one item for such combo boxes, so just ignore this.

Known issues

Tree control with check boxes is used in general program options and in advanced preset settings from Add... windows. NVDA and Jaws do not report check boxes for tree items in 64-bit program version (Window-Eyes reports them fine). All three screen readers report them fine in 32-bit program version. Thus consider to use appropriate program version according to your screen reader.

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